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Audio system preinstallation

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Audio system preinstallation

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Pre installation of  2 microphone sockets (Code 1200-PR)

Audio microphone  Pre-installation for  lectern.

A high demanded Option now a day for lecterns and to equip our sound to the speaker's speech.

Our option  of pre-installed audio standard for lecterns usually consists of 2  microphone sockets , by Canon  type bases:

  • 2 Neutrik XLR female sockets 3-pole, built metal chassis (to puncture 1/2 micro / s) in the upper corners of the lectern´s table. silver plated contacts. Nickel-plated all-metal body. Double ground contact
  • Wiring downspout to the lower base of the lectern, hidden behind the back plate or by the front edge of the legs of the stand (on the model of stand)
  • Channeling the wire by anodized aluminum tube adapted to the lectern’s model, and attachment to the structure of the lectern with special pieces of plexiglass, so that the entire installation is as far as possible without any wires dangling.
  • 2 XLR male sockets 3-pole legs on both sides of the lectern, from which to connect with extension cord to power mixer (amplifier or mixer).


Served in pairs, since the  pre-installed audio in our lecterns is for 2 sockets of microphones , one on each side of the table stand.

NOTE: For pre-installation of only 1 microphone socket, check delivery possibility and  lectern model.

Optionally you can put anti- vibration rubber basis to avoid feedback of unwanted sound and vibration, sometimes produced by the energetic movement of the speaker on the lectern’s table. (See the "Basis vibration, cod. 1200-SASV" for more information)

Many of our lecterns have these options incorporated as standard. However, in most methacrylate  lecterns with speakers that we manufacture this extra option can be added.

This option can not be sold separately from the lectern, as it is a supplement that must be assembled at the factory by ourselves. But most of the lecterns  manufactures by  Kryfil methacrylate, have holes in standard table legs for business professionals to assemble themselves this type of chassis hardware (Canon XLR type). If you have any doubt please  consult our technical department  or customer service.