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Opal White Acrylic Column

SKU# 3402

Opal White Acrylic Column

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Set of 2 columns of acrylic in white and black satin graphite colors. (Code 3402)

Cubes column type, built in white satin and black acrylic graphite, 5 mm, ideal for displaying products in shop windows and outlets.

Size: 25 x 25 cm base and 90 cm each

Made of white  and black satin graphite  acrylic of 5 mm.Hollow inside (no lower base), very light for convenient mobility.Possibility retroiluminarlos with a lamp inside (not included).

Possibility of vertical faces vinilar cubes for advertising and brand image.

Packing in cardboard with protective corners.

Optionally, you can build with superior polls in transparent methacrylate, to expose product and it is protected.  You can also provide lighting inside the cube, to better highlight the product to sell, or even a face vinilar cubes to better advertise the product brand (Check price of these possibilities with our customer service department)

This set can also be made cubes at different heights on stairs, which is very decorative and functional displays, trade shows, exhibitions, equipment for museums.

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