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Magnetic LED Lamp


Portable and Rechargeable Lamp with magnetic base and LED technology.

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Magnetic LED Lamp

Cod. L-12V-RM


Portable and rechargeable lamp with magnetic base and LED technology.


Self-made portable lamp with magnetic base and high brightness LED technology.

Works with long-life rechargeable battery, no wires or batteries. Includes 12 V battery charger.

It comes with a magnetic plate on the lamp and another that can be placed on the lectern (usually in the top of the table between the two microphones). Once that plate is placed on the lectern, the lamp can be put on and off depending on their need for each act or event.

This lamp has a high capacity for lighting and is recommended for use in reading in dim lighting.

Because of its curved design it is ideal for the models CRONOS, CALIPSO and CLIO.


Charger 12 V. is included